Sunday, April 26, 2009

Work in Progress...Large Eldar Wraithgate

Wraith Gate, Warp Gate, Way Gate...I've heard it called all of these.

Here is my work in progress of a large Wraithgate. Inspired by the Dawn of War pc game. I'm sure we will find a use for this in Apoc games or some scenarios.


I wanted it to be big enough to warp in Falcons and Wave Serpents. Hopefully the new Planetstrike book will have some rules for a Wraithgate in it.


  1. That is going to be awesome.

  2. Looks really sweet! Can't wait to see it all gussied up

  3. Thanks! I have some additional terrain I have planned for this piece as well.

    1st is the center circle. I plan on making a slightly raised disc out of clay in the middle. Imbedded in the disc will be three of the Alaitoc Sword emblems hilts in the center, points out toward the openings between the pillars.

    2nd is a large crescent moon. I'll make three of these. They will be designed to either provide cover for a Falcon / Wave Serpent or a small squad of say 5 could get cover behind. I'll probably have to cut a small step on the inner part of the moon so the troops can stand and see over the edge. These will be placed about 6” off the terrain piece pictured above, centered on each opening between the pillars.

    3rd is a barricade that will look like the Alaitoc sword laying half buried on the ground. Figure to make these 12 inches long. I’ll make 6 of these to complete the ring around the wraithgate, one on each side of the moons.
    These will provide a little cover to those warping in to the gate. Give them a fighting chance rather than being stuck in the open. Plus it is rare that anyone makes Eldar terrain…so why not.

  4. How many painting points is terrain worth?

  5. Good question. I'd say half points of a model the same size.... So the beast above would be 10.

    The craft shop will hopefully have some vines to wrap around the pillars, just hope I can find them small enough.

    And Dude...change your avatar...the Hoff is too much.

  6. That looks great is it finished let?

  7. Ooh, nice work! I've yet to put together any Eldar-based terrain, I'm too busy painting models every week :p


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