Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alaitoc Craftworld painting chart

You can click on the chart above to get a full screen look.

I did this painting chart up to get a better grasp on...

1) What I have painted
2) What I need to paint
3) The order in which I should paint

When I first started in 40k, my original army was Dark Angels...way back in the Rogue trader / 2nd Edition days. Then I made a couple of trades with some folks I knew.

First, a friend of mine was a BIG comic book collector...I mean like room fulls of the stuff stacked in boxes. He had a poorly painted Eldar force, and I had a box full of Comics (West Coast Avengers, Iron Man, Punisher, etc...) I gave him my comics, he gave me the Eldar.

Then, there was a Golden Deamon winner in my area that was looking for his 1st 40k army. I gave him my Dark Angels, he painted my new Eldar. I didn't really have that much at the time. 10 Terminators, Captain, 40+ Tactical marines, Predator, Dreadnought, Attack Bike, Librarian, Rhino, Land Speeder, Chaplain, Chaplain on jetbike, Scout squad from Tyranid attack. For that he painted up all the Eldar I had at the time. He did an awesome job on the characters (Eldrad, Avatar, all the Phoenix lords, Warwalker). He did an very nice job on the Aspect warriors too. Since then I've picked up pieces and parts to add to the army, some painted some not. You can see on the key that the darker blue shaded stuff is not my work. The lighter shaded stuff is my work, and i still have quite a bit to go.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good day losing at Ard Boyz.

Ard Boys came and went. Finished 4th out of 5 players.

1) Draw vs. Vulcan drop pod.
Was one of the better games I've played in a long time. If I had faced a drop pod marine force before I might have done better. Lost my pathfinders and a dire avenger unit the 1st turn to drop pod dreads.

2) Major Loss vs, foot sloggin eldar who seized the init and had range on me all game. Lost my wraithlord and war walkers early...was down hill from there.

3) Bye, cause I had the low score after 2 rounds.

No worries though...this guy walks into the store and asks one of the store owners for credit for his Orks. Store owner gives him about $75 of Guard stuff for his Orks, guessing about $200 worth of stuff.

Which gets the Store owner all giddy, and asks me to help him in the basement to look for more of his orks to see his whole army on a spare table. While looking for his orcs I stumble onto an small eldar cache of his, that had been down in the basement for 2+ years. He was feeling so good about the Ork deal he gave me the eldar.

Got enough stuff there to complete a 2nd squad of Scorpions, increase my pathfinders to a 10 strong unit, round out my 3rd unit of Dire Avengers, and got my 3rd Wraithlord. Really only 10 minis + the wraithlord, but it added quite a bit of build flexibility to my Eldar.

Now I will have to Greenstuff the Wraithlord up to be a Banshee Wraithlord as promised. ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Potential Ard Boyz list

I should be able to make it to Ard Boyz this is the list I'm thinking of bringing, not a very conventional Eldar list, but I've used it for a long time and it seems to work alright.

I've listed the units according to their roles, not their unit type. I'll try to walk you through my thoughts...

2500 Pts - Eldar Roster - Alatoic 2500

The Anvil Footsloggin right up the center of the board to the middle ground objective if there is any.
HQ: Eldrad Ulthran (1#, 210 pts)
1 Eldrad Ulthran @ 210 pts ((pp.50-51 & 61 Eldar); Independent Character; Psyker; Doom ; Eldritch Storm ; Fortune ; Guide ; Mind War ; Divination; Ghosthelm; Rune Armour; Runes of Warding; Runes of Witnessing; Spirit Stones; Shuriken Pistol; Witchblade; Staff of Ulthamar)

Troops: Wraithguard (11#, 399 pts)
10 Wraithguard @ 399 pts ((pp.46 & 62 Eldar); Fearless; Wraithsight; Wraithcannon x10)
1 Spiritseer (Warlock) ((p.27-28 & p.60 Eldar); Psyker; Conceal ; Fleet; Spiritseer Upgrade; Rune Armour; Shuriken Pistol; Singing Spear)

Heavy Support: Wraithlord (1#, 155 pts)
1 Wraithlord @ 155 pts ((pp.47 & 66 Eldar); Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Fearless; Wraithsight; Flamer x2; Bright Lance; Missile Launcher)

Rear Objective holder
Troops: Pathfinders (Rangers) (6#, 144 pts)
6 Pathfinders (Rangers) @ 144 pts ((pp.38 & 64 Eldar); Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Stealth; Ignore Difficult Terrain; Pathfinder Stealth; Scouts; Pathfinders; Shuriken Pistol x6; Ranger Long Rifle)

Counter Assault not counter charge...this is the unit I try to put against the enemies best assault troops

HQ: Avatar (1#, 155 pts)
1 Avatar @ 155 pts ((pp.24 & 61 Eldar); Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Fearless; Daemon; Inspiring; Molten Body; Wailing Doom)

Troops: Dire Avengers (10#, 162 pts)
9 Dire Avengers @ 162 pts ((pp.30 & 64 Eldar); Fleet; Avenger S-Catapult)
1 Dire Avenger Exarch (Fleet; Defend ; Power Weapon; Shimmershield) / warp around all game then grab or contest a late game objective
Troops: Dire Avengers (11#, 297 pts)
9 Dire Avengers @ 297 pts ((pp.30 & 64 Eldar); Fleet; Avenger S-Catapult)
1 Dire Avenger Exarch (Fleet; Bladestorm ; 2 Avenger SC)
1 Wave Serpent ((pp.45 & 63 Eldar); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Tank, Fast); Energy Field; Spirit Stones; TL Shuriken Catapults; TL Bright Lances)

Fast Attack: Warp Spiders (5#, 152 pts)
4 Warp Spiders @ 152 pts ((pp.36 & 65 Eldar); Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Warp Jump Generators; Death Spinner)
1 Warp Spider Exarch (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Withdraw ; Hit & Run; Warp Jump Generators; Powerblades; Death Spinner x2)

Hammer #1 These gals hunt down the enemy elite unit with high armor saves.

Elite: Howling Banshees (11#, 337 pts)
9 Howling Banshees @ 337 pts ((pp.31 & 63 Eldar); Fleet; Banshee Mask; Power Weapon; Shuriken Pistol)
1 Howling Banshee Exarch (Fleet; Acrobatic; War Shout ; Banshee Mask; Shuriken Pistol; Executioner)
1 Wave Serpent ((pp.45 & 63 Eldar); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Tank, Fast); Energy Field; Spirit Stones; TL Shuriken Catapults; TL Bright Lances) anti horde punch
Heavy Support: War Walker Squadron (3#, 180 pts)
1 War Walker Squadron @ 180 pts ((pp.44 & 66 Eldar); Scouts)
1 War Walker (Scatter Laser; Scatter Laser)
1 War Walker (Scatter Laser; Scatter Laser)
1 War Walker (Scatter Laser; Scatter Laser)

Hammer anti vehicle unit, sure most every unit in my force can deal with tanks in one way or another, but none better than these guys.
Elite: Fire Dragons (6#, 131 pts)
5 Fire Dragons @ 131 pts ((pp.32 & 62 Eldar); Fleet; Fusion Gun; Melta Bombs)
1 Fire Dragon Exarch (Fleet; Tank Hunters; Firepike; Melta Bombs)

Heavy Support: Falcon (1#, 175 pts)
1 Falcon @ 175 pts ((pp.42 & 67 Eldar); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Tank, Fast); Transport Capacity: 6 models; Holo-Field; Spirit Stones; Scatter Laser; TL Shuriken Catapults; Pulse Laser)

Total Roster Cost: 2497

I'll let you know how I do.