Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alaitoc Craftworld painting chart

You can click on the chart above to get a full screen look.

I did this painting chart up to get a better grasp on...

1) What I have painted
2) What I need to paint
3) The order in which I should paint

When I first started in 40k, my original army was Dark Angels...way back in the Rogue trader / 2nd Edition days. Then I made a couple of trades with some folks I knew.

First, a friend of mine was a BIG comic book collector...I mean like room fulls of the stuff stacked in boxes. He had a poorly painted Eldar force, and I had a box full of Comics (West Coast Avengers, Iron Man, Punisher, etc...) I gave him my comics, he gave me the Eldar.

Then, there was a Golden Deamon winner in my area that was looking for his 1st 40k army. I gave him my Dark Angels, he painted my new Eldar. I didn't really have that much at the time. 10 Terminators, Captain, 40+ Tactical marines, Predator, Dreadnought, Attack Bike, Librarian, Rhino, Land Speeder, Chaplain, Chaplain on jetbike, Scout squad from Tyranid attack. For that he painted up all the Eldar I had at the time. He did an awesome job on the characters (Eldrad, Avatar, all the Phoenix lords, Warwalker). He did an very nice job on the Aspect warriors too. Since then I've picked up pieces and parts to add to the army, some painted some not. You can see on the key that the darker blue shaded stuff is not my work. The lighter shaded stuff is my work, and i still have quite a bit to go.

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