Sunday, April 26, 2009

Work in Progress...Large Eldar Wraithgate

Wraith Gate, Warp Gate, Way Gate...I've heard it called all of these.

Here is my work in progress of a large Wraithgate. Inspired by the Dawn of War pc game. I'm sure we will find a use for this in Apoc games or some scenarios.


I wanted it to be big enough to warp in Falcons and Wave Serpents. Hopefully the new Planetstrike book will have some rules for a Wraithgate in it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Eldar Thoughts...

I won't deny it. My focus has been on my guard army over the last month or so. I've been caught up in the wave of excitement along with most everyone else who owns an Imperial Guard army. But I have not forgotten my primary force.

Over the last few months I have been slowly teaching my friend Fabby the game. We have played a few games of (old codex) Guard vs. Marines, and Eldar vs. Marines, with Fabby playin the Vanilla Marines each time. We have gone over some of the rumored releases with the new Codex and he wants to give the guard a try.

What does any of this Have to do with the Eldar? Well I've been mulling over an eldar force in my head that I would use to face a Horde army. My Primary Eldar army is designed to take the dice out of my opponents hands and deny a saving throw whenever possible. Banshees, Wraithguard, Fire Dragons, Pathfinders, Wraithlords, Falcon, Avatar... I've played this force so much I have fogotten how the other half lives. So here is my "Anti-Horde" force that i will pit against Fabby the next time we play. The idea was for me to try units that I don't normally play with.

HQ: Autarch (Wings, Fusion Gun, Power weapon, MandiBlasters)
HQ: Baharroth (Swooping Hawks Phoenix Lord)

Elite: Scorpions (Full squad w/Exarch, both powers, biting blade)

Troops: Pathfinders (5 in the group)
Troops: Jetbikes (10 with 3 cannons)
Troops: Dire Avengers (full squad w/Exarch Bladestorm, Wave Serp w/ BLance)

Fast Attack: Warp Spiders (4 with Exarch, dual spinners and blades, withdraw)
Fast Attack: Swooping Hawks (5 With Exarch, both powers)
Fast Attack: Swooping Hawks (5 to fly with Baharroth)

Heavy: 3 War Walkers (Scatter Laser X6)
Heavy: Falcon (Holofield, BLance)

The idea is to Reserve, Deep Strike, and Outflank with almost everything. Pathfinders might set up depending on the mission. Yoyo with the hawks, mostly cause I have yet to try it. Break the Autarch away to pop a Leman Russ. Falcon is a Russ hunter, with the BL for when I lose a weapon. Hawks will hunt tanks only if needed.

Will let you know how it turns out.

Next random Eldar thought was after I saw the pics of the French Games Day. I found my next Eldar purchase.

I have always thought of the Wraithsword as a waste. I would rather have my Wraithlords equipped with two heavy weapons and trust my dice to hit in close combat. The Re-Roll the sword gives just is not worth it to me...until now. The idea of a Banshee Wraithlord appeals to me. one Wraithlord kit and a ton of Greenstuff. Somehow model the two flamers into the "Banshee mask" so it would still gets the "Scream". Pistol grip the other weapon...probably a Shuriken Cannon to keep the points lower, but maybe a Brightlance to keep the versitilty.

Thats all for now...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Strategems and Objective Markers

I made these Strategem Markers a while ago, after CoD first came out. With the Importence of Objectives in 5th...they naturally became two of my objective markers for my Eldar force.

#1) Extra Ammo, or one of the Tunnel Exits. Made from a left over Falcon hatch, spare from the wave serpent converstion.


#2) Beacon / Sensor. Made from scrap falcon parts, and a shiled from an old Mekton Mini.


That's all I have done for now.